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You can now treat all your wrinkles by yourself just at home by using BOOTOOLUX®. This makes it painless and Guaranteed 100% Safe! See visible results in just 4 weeks and repeat this treatment only Once or Twice a year.

Our products are not injected into the skin, but layered deep into your skin. Our products are so unique because NanoTechnology is never used before in any skin cream, wrinkle filler or anti-aging product you’ve ever used, GUARANTEED!!!


Our skin is our largest organ and is impermeable (impervious by molecules). All products are made of molecules, but because a molecule is too large to be able to penetrate into the skin, using Nanotechnology we now found a way to be so narrow, all substances are delivered where we need them to be in our “Live layer of our Skin” (Dermis).

BOOTOOLUX® is a patented and innovative product by Nanotechnology moluculair reduced so that the active substances can penetrate all the way into the live layer of the skin (Dermis)

No More Lines & Wrinkles

Wrinkles and lines can make your face look much older so it’s no wonder you might want to smooth some of them away. Frown lines, fine lines and wrinkles develop as we age but other factors such as sun damage and smoking also contribute to an older looking face. Our advanced non-surgical “BOOTOOLUX®” treatment is the solution for you!

BOOTOOLUX® erases flaws, soften and reduce lines and wrinkles to create clear, toned, younger looking skin. Bootolux contains only premium range products proven to be safe and effecient. Worldwide International Clinics & Venues already use BOOTOOLUX® for treatments, are low priced and easy to incorporate into your usual beauty routine.


The major component of Bootolux is Amino Peptide-3 & Cova B Trox with the primary effect starting to regenerate:
– Cell division
– Elastin
– Collagen

With Nanotechnology engineered of functional systems at the molecular scale. In its original sense, ‘Nanotechnology’ refers to the projected ability to reconstruct your skin from the bottom up, using techniques being developed today to make complete, high performance products like BOOTOOLUX®



BOTOX® is short for “botulinum toxin,” the substance that causes botulism, a sometimes fatal form of food poisoning. It sounds scarier than it is; in small quantities, BOTOX® merely interrupts nerve impulses to muscles in the face. The lines that furrow the forehead when you raise your eyebrows, the crow’s feet that appear when you squint and the creases between the eyebrows when you frown are all caused by tension in underlying muscles, which contract and squeeze the skin like an accordion. BOTOX® keeps this from happening.
Are you sufficiently bothered by wrinkles to stick needles into your face? Just because the FDA has approved the anti-wrinkle shots doesn’t mean that they’re for you! Botox has become one of the fastest-growing and popular cosmetic treatments and is also employed for a variety of conditions such as migraines, muscle spasms in children and cerebral palsy.

Your surgeons price for BOTOX® will be about $400 dollars. Your BOTOX® price should be about $500-$2000 for each area injected. Expect to pay this BOTOX® cost every four to six months to maintain your result.


A safe, natural and organic skin care product, moluculair reduced so that the active substances can penetrate into the live layer of skin which will not have any side effects! You need No injections, No plastic surgery, No high prices & No more PAIN!!! BOOTOOLUX® is not injected into the skin, but layered down deep in the wrinkles using applicators. This makes it painless, guaranteed 100% safe and you can treat it all by yourself at home. Why hesitate? Try it yourself, see the difference and save huge money on expensive treatments, surgery and creams!

Use BOOTOOLUX® only once or twice a year if needed…

Step 1

Prepare your skin before use by cleaning it first with a face wash and/or lotion…

Step 2

Shake the bottle of BOOTOOLUX® (30ml) before use. Fill the syringe with 1ml and place applicator on the syringe.
Fill up all wrinkles and lines on your face with just 1ml of BOOTOOLUX® (Frown, Smile, Vertical up & Marionette lines)…

Step 3

Leave on for 10 minutes to let ingredients penetrate into the live layer (Dermis) of your skin. Gently tap & massage leftover BOOTOOLUX® into your skin.

Repeat above instructions for 4 weeks to see instant & amazing visible results that finally last!