The new alternative to painful and expensive anti-wrinkle injections!
This modern anti-wrinkle treatment is available to all, without the need for painful and expensive injections. Thanks to this new Bootoolux method (treatment) your facial skin will no longer reflect your age. Wrinkles are reduced and puffiness around the eyes will disappear, without surgical intervention.


With this startling new Bootoolux treatment you can look years younger! Your skin will be revitalised to look younger and feel smoother again. Your complexion regains a fresh, blushing and healthier appearance. Day after day you will notice your wrinkles fading and your skin rejuvenating. Even after just one treatment the result will be visible.
Bootoolux is a specially developed anti-aging product particularly suited to the skin of the 30 plus age group.

We have developed a complete range of products with the utmost of care, consisting of:

  • 30 day wrinkle filler
  • Cleansing milk
  • pH-restoring lotion
  • 24 Hour cream
  • Eye-serum
  • Anti-aging mask
  • Peeling